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Why are Mongolian Journalists so Hot?

A few days ago, we held a press conference on Doing Business 2010.  The room was packed with journalists with a new-found interest in the Mongolian business environment. I was pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm and the quality of their questions, which I mentioned in a post in the World Bank's Private Sector Development blog.

 Some like them hot

Some like them hot

But I was even more surprised that most of the journalists were young women. And smart. I confess that I spent more time pondering why this might be than I did on Mongolia's reform efforts. I'm lucky nobody asked me a question during those moments, or filmed me taking stock of the immediate environment. You can imagine the headlines.

I can understand why journalists covering economic issues might be young. The private sector is less than two decades old, so older, Soviet-trained journalists might not be very good at covering business issues. But why women?

Maybe it's so people like me hold more press conferences. Ideas, anyone?