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Where Are the Victims of the Police Attack?

Posted by Mustafa Nayyem

Images of burly riot police beating young protesters in Kyiv have circulated around the world, dragging the reputation of Ukraine's government into the dirt. News reports said 35 protesters were taken into custody, but quickly released. But there are also reports of arrested protesters being threatened with long prison sentences.

I keep hearing rumors that not all protesters have been accounted for.  I have seen videos of people who were beaten, but not of those who were dragged away. What happens to them is important.

Does anyone have information about these 35 victims? If so, please post.


П'ятеро учасників Євромайдану, яких побили під час сутичок з "беркутом" на вулиці Банковій у Києві, тримають у спецпалаті лікарні, куди може заходити лише міліція.

December 4 update on YouTube: One commenter provided a speedy translation, which I cleaned up a little:

A girl says that one of the victims of the police beating confirmed that he is in this hospital. Doctors and police forbid anyone to visit him. The girl added that doctors only would only confirm that her boyfriend is alive. A policeman behind the steel door says, "refer all questions to the doctor."