Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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Seriously, don't jump off these things

One of the armored personnel carriers brought to Maidan by the government was captured. I am amazed that Yanukovich was prepared to use APCs to attack his own people. It is on Maidan now, and its intended victims celebrate by climbing on top of it.  

I unleashed my inner child and did the same. But the joy of the moment went to my head, and feeling invincible, I jumped down. I landed without twisting an ankle, but slipped and banged my ass on the cold, wet, muddy pavement. It hurt a lot and I was completely filthy. Nearby, a couple teenagers laughed. I don't blame them.

Does this mean I can say I was injured on Maidan? My ass thinks so. But the greatest danger I face is my wife's wrath when she does the laundry.