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Thinking About Protein

When I was young, I thought about girls. As I grew older, my attention turned to my career. But now, most of my thoughts are devoted to protein. Especially chicken.

Now that I've been Vegan for a day, I'd settle for any form of protein. So I nipped down to the Chinese restaurant in my office building in hopes of finding something with tofu or nuts in it. And maybe some garlic spinach.

My hopes were short-lived. There were plenty of dishes with tofu, and some with cashews, but all of them came with beef or chicken. Even the spinach, served in oyster sauce, was off-limits. Of all the choices on the restaurant's menu, the only dish I could eat was vegetable fried rice. No protein. I ordered it anyway.

As I waited, I kept on thinking about chicken. My dad warned me in a comment on yesterday's post that getting enough protein could be a problem. He was right. A slathering of peanut butter on toast is no substitute for roast chicken or a burger. When I thought about these protein taste treats, my mouth actually watered. I had to swallow to avoid drooling all over my shirt.

Finally, my meal arrived. Mushrooms, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, all mixed in with fried rice. And a packet of hot sauce. I ate quickly and enjoyed every bite. But a mushroom, even spiced up, is definitely not chicken.

Now I'm on my way home. I'm not hungry, but I don't have a feeling of satisfaction in my belly. To make this experiment work, I need to find a way to get more protein. I also have to find a nearby restaurant where I can get heaps of vegetables. Otherwise I'm just going to carb up, and that just won't work.