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The Things I Do for Mongolian Vodka

I bought a couple bottles of Chinggis Khan vodka to give as gifts in the States. I thought it would be a fun present: Vodka in a nice bottle with a portrait of the Man himself on it. What could be cooler?

Bad idea. Even though they seal up your duty free items in a nice plastic bag at the Chinggis Khan International Airport, you're screwed. At least in Korea. I was told by a polite, pretty, but firm woman that my duty-free bag was unworthy.

So I had to go through passport control and customs so that I could check it into luggage. I looked for cheap carry-on luggage but could only find a sturdy green shopping bag with a cat on it. I decided to put the vodka in my backpack and use the greet cat bag for my carry-on items. Luckily, they let me pay for it with a credit card, even though it was a low-cost item. At least I hope it was; I have no idea how much I paid for it.

Now I am transferring my laptop and magazines into the cat bag. My vodka is already secured in my backpack for luggage check-in (I hope it doesn't break). I have a dim outlook for the day: it's only it's about 6 AM now and I will probably have to wait another 12 hours before they let me check in my stuff.

It's probably  not worth it, but I have a lot of time to kill, so why not give it a shot.