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The Handiwork of Evil Students

 Snatched from the mouths of children

Snatched from the mouths of children

This evening I walked to a nearby food shop, in search of Macaroni & Cheese for the kids. I found it, and also bought juice, spaghetti  and bread. The bread was both sliced and soft, a rare combination in Mongolia.

I carried everything in a backpack, except for the bread, which didn't fit. I held the loaf in my hand, swinging in its bag as I walked.

On the way home, a group of about 15 students walked by. Suddenly, one of them smacked the bread out of my hand and into the street. The bag burst open and the bread scattered across the road. I was furious.

I didn't know which student did it, so I all I could do was shout at the group in Russian, the language I revert to when I'm angry (this includes arguments with my wife). A few girls gave me pitying looks, as if to say, "sorry that our friend is such as asshole, but what can we do?"

No toast for the kids tomorrow, I guess.