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Swimming, Finally

There's a pool at the house where I'm living, an inviting strip of blue out in the back. When I look down from the balcony outside my bedroom, it tempts me. But as nice as it looks, I had never swum in it, even when I was hot and sticky and needed a dip.

I'd like to say I'm to busy for a swim, but the real reason is more straightforward: I don't want the housegirls to see my big, pale, hairy belly. If they did, it would scare the crap out of them and they'd take the first bus back to the village.

But today I took the plunge. I had gone for a long walk in Kemang and came back tired and sweaty. My feet were killing me and were covered in dust. I took one look at the pool and knew it was time.

Swimming again was nice. The water was clean and clear, and not too deep, so my kids probably won't drown. And it's long enough for my wife to get some exercise.

After a few minutes I got out and went back to my bedroom. Mission accomplished. And the girls never saw a thing.