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Surviving the Migration

A toast to me

At the end of April, the platform I had been using for my blog was shut down. I had been using Posterous, which started out as a clean, simple blogging platform. But it was doomed when Twitter bought it. Shortly after the announcement, the official Posterous Blog stopped posting. Its brains were gone. It was only a matter of time before Twitter killed it off.

But at least they provided some options for migrating blogs to other platforms. I chose Wordpress, since I was already using it for the Urban Times. But the migration wasn't perfect. The pictures, once packaged in nice, neat galleries, are now strewn across the screen as if they had been thrown there by a toddler. Audio and video are gone and the formatting is messed up. But at least the text is still there.

About a month earlier, I survived another migration of sorts—moving from Jakarta back to Kyiv. We arrived just before a major snow-dump paralyzed the city. It was Kafkaesque. One day we were living in a big house in the hot, green tropics, with swimming pools and plenty of space to run and ride bikes. And then our world shrank into a cramped apartment surrounded by heaps of snow, oceans of slush, and cold, grey skies.  But at least we arrived with all our suitcases intact.

And then, another transition—I quietly slipped over to the next half of my life. I turned 50 while my jet-lagged family slept. I toasted myself by clinking a shot glass of Armenian brandy against the camera of my laptop.

My new site needs a lot of work, especially the picture. But it will be fun to go through it. My new life also needs a lot of work. But that, too, should be fun if I manage it well.