Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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Reading in the Bathroom in the 21st Century

 That's so 21st century...

That's so 21st century...

Every man likes to read in the bathroom. There have been endless discussions about why we like to read there, but in the age of Wireless Internet, we can now ask how.

Following in the tradition of my forefathers, I keep a stash of magazines next to the toilet. But here in Mongolia, my supply is limited. One cold morning (and in Mongolia, every morning is cold), I found myself short of reading material. In desperation, I took the laptop in with me, and entered a magical new world.

I read the New York Times and BBC News. Then I checked my e-mail. Emboldened, I went to Facebook. The world was at my fingertips, with my children safely on the other side of a locked door. The warm glow of the laptop added a new dimension I had never imagined, something I will appreciate more as I get older.

So, can you guess where I am right now?