Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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Order Has Been Restored to My Universe

Less than an hour ago, I was worried that I'd have a Moscow-like experience at the airport in Seoul, in which I would spend all day waiting to check in a couple bottles of Mongolian vodka. But everything went perfectly. I was able to check in my bag right after 6:00 AM, many hours before my flight. Then I was able to book a 6-hour slot at the airport transit hotel, starting at 8:30 AM.

This gives me time to go to the Japanese restaurant and have sushi for breakfast again. I am eating a massive feast of tuna and shrimp sushi, buckwheat noodles, kimchi, pickled garlic and various vegetables sliced into wisps of healthiness.

On the way I stopped to look at small carry-on bags, but learned that the very simplest one cost over $200. I thanked the sales lady and told her I would keep my little green cat bag, which I now know cost about $4.

Outside it is raining ferociously. But in 45 minutes I will  take the first hot shower I've had in weeks and sleep in a cozy bed, while all my devices recharge.

I haven't been to Seoul yet, but I believe you can judge a country by its airport. On that basis, Korea must be fabulous.