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My Video Was Rejected by Australian Reef People

I decided to apply for the highly-publicized Island Caretaker job on Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. It's a six-month position in which you go diving and kayaking and explore the Great Barrier Reef. Then you blog about it. I thought it would be fun to apply. I really need to go diving again.

The initial application is a 60-second video. I knew that there would be thousands of applicants (so far, over 15,000 have applied), so I decided to make a different kind of video using photo stills. I wrote a script, planned the photos, and made my poor wife take hundreds of pictures.

My video was inspired by a video application I saw on Alice's Posterous. Unfortunately, it was rejected because I did not speak in it. I don't fully understand this; the guidelines don't say you actually have to speak. How uncreative.

Although I'm disappointed that my application was axed, it was really good fun to put it together. And how refreshing to consider something so completely different!