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Cheering for a Republican

If you told me, five years ago, that I would be in a crowd numbering the hundreds of thousands cheering John McCain, you might be justified locking me up in a padded cell.  I am, after all, a big supporter of President Obama.

But this is 2013. And it's Ukraine. Whatever ideological issues existing in the United States back then are nothing compared to those in Ukraine.

John McCain and Senator Chris Murphy (D), showed up in Ukraine at the Maidan today.  Senator Murphy is a young pup, only 40 years old, who wisely acknowledged McCain as the star of the show. For Americans, that is. Neither of them can hold a candle to Ruslana, the Ukrainian singer and songwriter who is the spirit of the protest.

I have been disappointed in Obama, who has not made a single public statement about the situation in Ukraine, even though events here will have a big impact on the future of both eastern and western Europe for decades to come.

Senator McCain, however, had the balls to come here and support Ukrainian integration with Europe. This is a man who was a prisoner of war. He understands what it's like to lose your freedom. Ukraine might lose what freedom it has in the next month or two.

Senators John McCain (R) and  Ryan Murphy (D) in support of Ukraine

In 2008, I was pissed off with McCain for unleashing Sarah Palin. By doing so, he empowered the Tea Party, the greatest enemy to freedom in America since King George III. But today he made up for that. He didn't bring Sarah with him; he brought Senator Murphy, a Democrat, who, though green, was fresh-faced, decent and respectable.

Nobody knows how the drama in Ukraine will play out. At this point, the stakes are high. Whoever loses will end up behind bars. Ukraine will either begin its journey to becoming a free, European country, or it will revert to its totalitarian past, bonded with a corrupt, regressive Russia. McCain was positive about Ukraine. I am also.

I will vote with my suitcase. For now, it will remain in my closet.