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Maidan's Forgotten Victims

After spending some time during the day on Maidan, I watched some of leaders talk on TV. For reasons I cannot grasp, opposition leadership does not seem to have made missing activists a top issue. The missing are barely mentioned.

Imagine instead that every morning, Klitschko would get up on stage on Maidan, drawing up his powerful, magnificent frame and taking the microphone firmly in hand. 

Metro entrance during Maidan

"Today, on February 9, 2014, the following patriots remain missing following police operations," he might say. "We demand to know where they are and demand the right to see them and ensure their well being." He would pause before continuing.

"Here are their names of those who have not been accounted for..."

But Klitschko never did that. Nor did Yatsenyuk or any other Maidan leader. This is a huge mistake. Maidan is about many things, but human dignity is high up on the list. People have been beaten and hauled away by police. Victims have been dragged out of hospitals to prison. Students carrying Ukrainian flags have been rounded up and carted away. Where are these people now?

Why isn't anyone asking?