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Lenin Statue Goes Down in Kyiv, Finally

Breaking news: the Lenin statue in Kyiv was pulled down a few minutes ago. He was pulled down with ropes and smashed into the pavement. The head of the stone statue broke off. The crowd cheered and sang the Ukrainian national anthem.

The symbolism is significant. Putin will be furious: he equates the Soviet Union with Russia. And it sends a very clear message to the Ukrainian government: a deal with Putin will not be accepted. Ukraine needs a new direction, and Russia has nothing to offer.

You can watch the whole thing on the video to the right. Skip ahead to 13:00 if you’d like to get right to the action.

I also found an Instagram video in Twitter, showing the fall from a different angle. I don't know how to embed it but you can see it on this link: Lenin Comes Down in Kyiv - video by Artur Potapchik