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I Miss My Baby Dell

Where's my baby now?

Our office just "upgraded" to a new system, and in the process they've dropped Dell as the computer vendor. This means I had to give up my tiny little Dell laptop, which almost fits in your pocket but seems really big when you slap it into its docking station.

The new vendor is Lenovo, a Chinese firm that bought IBM's PC business a few years ago. My new laptop actually has a Thinkpad logo on it. It works well enough in terms of speed, but from a design standpoint, it's clunky and ugly. The keyboard is a horror.

I didn't appreciate it before, but the Dell had a lot of thoughtful features. Even small things, like the placement of USB ports and the "delete" key, were better.

My baby laptop may be gone, but I haven't lost everything: I have a secret Dell mouse. It feels heretical to use it, but the feel of the Dell mouse in my hand makes it easier to cope with my loss.