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I Adore Blue Women with Tails

I went with my Mongolian colleagues to see Avatar in 3D in Beijing. I loved the idea of a person's consciousness being beamed into an alien avatar; it's the first fresh and creative concept I've seen in a sci-fi flick in a long time.

But a lot of people I know didn't like it. They complained that the Na'vi are a cheesy, alien version of American Indians, or that it's just another story about how the white man comes and saves the natives. Others say that it's nothing more than crude, anti-corporate propaganda. There's truth to all these points.

But so what? The value of the film is visual. I loved sitting back and watching a new world unfolding in front of me in 3D, complete with big, yellow Chinese subtitles hanging in mid-air. Best of all were the lithe, alien girls with full lips, big yellow eyes and tails. And the occasional flash of blue tit.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to comment on the narrative or look for political statements after that.