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Help! I Have a Crush on My Colleague's Avatar!


Our office uses Yahoo Messenger to communicate. It's great when I'm working from home or on the road; I can even use it on my Blackberry. But it's not always smooth sailing:  I've developed a crush on the stunning Avatar of one of my colleagues.  It's not just pretty face, it actually smiles at you every now and then. And blinks.

I must have a thing for animated women. I remember being smitten by Snow White (in the Disney film) when I was five. Then in high school, at a vulnerable age, I was exposed to Jessica Rabbit. After I recovered from that, I actually dated real women, in spite of the appearance of the Little Mermaid and other smokin' Disney characters. But when Avatars were invented, I broke down and suffered a relapse. Now I'm wondering if I should hire a cartoonist to draw my wife.

If there are any other Avatar pervs out there, be informed: I've edited out the Yahoo username in the picture. Go stalk another Avatar.

Update: Stephanie Lim wrote an amazing post about Now I'm really in trouble.