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In the flesh

People I am connected to online, but have never met in person, don't seem entirely real. Some are friends of friends in Facebook, and others are people whose blogs I follow. Others got in touch after reading something I wrote online. I enjoy these connections, but communicating with people I only know from the Internet doesn't seem natural. Once we've been in touch for a while, I want to see them face-to-face.

So when I was in New York I got hold of ThePete, whose blog I've been following. Pete is a writer and blogger who migrated to Manhattan with his wife,@Siskita, a few years ago. He has an extensive online presence, which includes Wikipeteia and a series of hilarious Jay ThePal video clips (these are better seen than described). He's also written a couple of fast-paced futuristic novels, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

So one day, after visiting a museum with my kids, we met up and went to a diner. I pacified my kids with ice cream and fries, and met my i-friend in person. I had seen his photo online many times, but it was completely different to be sitting across a table from him.

ThePete was great fun to talk to. He is so different from the people I know in Mongolia. I envy his creative life in this magnificent city. But best of all, I am happy to see that an online person can resolve into flesh and blood and drink a cup of coffee with me.