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First Girlfriend

Radiant then, radiant now

I'm lucky to still be in touch with my first girlfriend. I never understood why she was interested in me; I was a wispy, shy kid who dressed badly, shunned sports and listened to classical music. She was an energetic, outgoing girl who drove a Volkswagen bug named Norman and was into theater.

I remember spending hours with her making fake vines for some production, a long process involving sheets of paper, green spray paint, scissors and a clothesline. It was tedious work but it gave me a rare opportunity to spend hours with a girl, something that I could never have engineered on my own.  A few months later we graduated and went to our respective colleges, but managed, somehow, to keep in touch. It has always been nice to have the connection.

I am even luckier to have seen her again over 20 years later. Last month, I met her at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, along with my kids. She looked fabulous, and still has the spark and energy she had before. She is married now and has two kids of her own. My kids loved her, especially my daughter, who kept taking her by the hand to show her things.

My only regret is that her best friend, Jane (who is partly-shown in the photo above) couldn't make it. It would have been great fun to have seen them both together. But that can wait for our next get-together, which should be sometime in the year 2035.