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Fake Tractor Attack

 Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

I get a kick reading about the protests in Ukraine on Russian media. They said that fascists from Lviv came to Kyiv to stir up trouble, with financing from the United States. They said students provoked an attack on special police forces in the middle of the night. Recent footage showed a lone protester attacking a phalanx of police with a chain, and another threatening police with a flare.

The most ridiculous claim of all was that protesters attacked police at the Presidential Administration building with an earth mover. In the video, a group of helmeted police behind a barricade cower as the earth mover pushes against it. Eventually, other protesters stop the attack.

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. How did an earth mover get anywhere near the Presidential Administration building, which is well-guarded even in peaceful times? Why did police who were happy to crack the heads of sleeping students stand by passively when under attack, even when they could easily have stopped the driver? Why did the attackers wear masks, even though protest leaders warned that government-hired provocateurs always cover their faces?

The picture above shows the lameness of the fake attack. Helmeted police with truncheons guarding an important government building would not hesitate to whack a guy driving an earth mover into them. This time, they stood by passively. When they finally took action, they attacked ordinary people, including girls.

Tellingly, the driver escaped, as did the chain-swinger and the flare-holder.

There's definitely a stench in the air and it's not coming from unwashed protesters. It's coming from the Russian media. They make Fox News look like a bastion of impartiality.