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Would You Endorse My New Skill on LinkedIn?

If you're on LinkedIn, you're probably being flooded with endorsements. At first I liked them—I was like, Hey, maybe I have actual skills! Then I thought, Whoa, potential employers will be amazed by my expertise!  But now I'm thinking, Bogus, more bullshit in my in-box! In a minute, you'll see why.

What are endorsements anyway? LinkedIn explains:

Skill endorsements are a great way to recognize your 1st-degree connections' skills and expertise with one click. They also let your connections validate the strengths found on your own profile.

Nice idea, but here's what happens in real life. LinkedIn gets in your face everywhere you go, pushing you to endorse your contacts for various skills. It never stops. Saying yes is easy—just click a button and you can validate a whole slew of skills in seconds. No thinking required.

Some of my endorsements are true and come from people I've worked with. I appreciate that. But most come from people with no knowledge of what I can do. People I've never met endorse me for very impressive skills, and even odd ones like Africa. Really?  Time to clean out my contact list.

All this makes endorsements irritating and close to useless. Nobody believes them. No employer is going to hire you because of them. They're just a waste of time, unless you choose to have fun with them.

To protest, I've added a new skill to my profile: The Sun Shines Out of My Ass. Endorse me for that. Then make up your own fun skill set and see what happens.

I dare you.

Unfortunately you won't be able to endorse this skill because I deleted my LinkedIn account. Why? I don't need it and I'm tired of their spam.