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Deadly Attack on Maidan

Майдан Незалежности, 18.02.14, 20:55

The scenes in this video are taking place in the center of the city I live in. If the Metro were operating, I could be there in less than 30 minutes. Right now, I can hear blasts of the attack on the protests. Earlier today I was near Ukraine's Parliament. Since then, at least nine people have died within a short distance from where I stood.

I can hardly believe that this is happening where I live, on the borders of the European Union. I can hardly believe that Angela Merkel did nothing more than express concern since the conflict broke out. I am disappointed that the U.S. government did not take stronger action, though at least it imposed some sanctions. I don't know how the situation will shake out, but I have no doubt that Ukrainians have been free enough, for long enough, to stand up to Putinesque authoritarianism.

This is not Russia. This is not Belarus. This is Ukraine, which has been mostly free for an entire generation. The population cannot be forced back into servitude. And they will not forgive Yanukovich for murdering his own people.

Ukraine will be free. I just don't know if it will be free in 2014. I can only hope it will.

Слава Україні!