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Being Alone

 Chaos, in a pretty package

Chaos, in a pretty package

I've been alone for almost a month now. The first day was a little difficult, since I was not used to quiet in the house. But then I went through a period of joy and liberation. It is now possible to go out to bars and restaurants with friends spontaneously. During this period I ate in restaurants almost every night, and drank buckets of beer. I also gained a few kilos.

Now things have settled down. I spend most evenings reading and writing, and online. I even watch a little TV, something I never did before. Often, I enjoy a good bottle of wine in the process. It doesn't help with the weight.

I have not once slept in my own bedroom. The bed is way to big for one person. I'm used to having at least three people there, since my girl sneaks in almost every night, usually by climbing directly over me, kicking me in the face, and settling in between me and my wife. So instead I took over her room. There are flannel sheets on her bed, which is nice during Mongolia's chilly summer nights.

Luckily, our housekeeper is taking good care of me. She cooks fabulous meals. She washes and irons my clothes. She shines my shoes. And she keeps everything in order. She does all this while I'm at work, so from my perspective, it's like having magical elves in my house. I am very grateful, so I gave her some extra money for the upcoming Naddam holiday and bought her little boy a scooter.  He deserves it. He's sharing his momma with me.

I have seven weeks to go. Even though I am enjoying myself, I look forward to the noise, chaos, and general madness of family life.