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 Sampai jumpa lagi

Sampai jumpa lagi

When I lived in Aceh, which suffered the greatest losses in the 2004 Tsunami, I contributed to the World Bank's Private Sector Development blog. There was a category called Aceh Diary, started by my friend Shaela Rahman, who helped set up our office there. After I left there was nobody to take over, and I started writing for A Mongolian Tale. The Aceh Diary category no longer exists, but the posts are still in cyberspace. I've collected them here, mainly for my own ease of access, but also for anyone else who is interested.

My Posts:

Aceh Diary 2.0  ♦  An Indonesian Esperanto ♦  Ramadan  ♦  A Visit to Nias Island ♦  Shrimp Day at IFC  ♦  Risky Business: Bringing Seaweed to Nias  ♦  Shoes (not) Optional  ♦  Happiness is a full Bak Mandi  ♦  Fighting Poverty at 25m  ♦  I Left my Belly on Mount Seulawah  ♦  An Acehnese Biker Chick  ♦  Goodbye Aceh

Shaela's Posts:

First Impressions ♦   Photos  ♦  Coordination  ♦  Photos  ♦  A Bisa State of Mind  ♦  Aceh Diary on BBC Radio  ♦  Commemoration♦ Price Distortions  ♦  Dining Out  ♦  Banda's Beehive  ♦  The Housing Hole  ♦  Wolfowitz Visit  ♦  Hazards and Risks  ♦  On the Weekend, Work or...?  ♦  The Staffing Challenge  ♦  Handing Over the Torch  ♦  An Aceh Veteran Speaks Out

Aceh has changed completely since Shaela went there in 2005. You can get an update of Aceh's economy and reconstruction efforts at the World Bank's Tsunami and Earthquake Reconstruction site. There is also an interesting article in the online publication Inside Indonesia about the return of the founder of GAM, the Free Aceh Movement.