Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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A Day in Terelj, with Ukrainians

Usually when I go to Terelj National Park, I bring my own Ukrainians - my wife and kids. But since they're back in the Homeland, I did the next best thing: I brought four highly-specialized Ukrainian corporate governance experts.

This is the dullest time of year, when there is neither foliage nor snow to pretty up the mountains. But it was still spectacular. We were all astonished to see large swaths of ice on parts of the river. Yet in the mountains, we saw small purple flowers pushing themselves out of the ground. Sometimes we had bright sun and cloudless skies. But later it began to snow, and dust-storms kicked up. We saw every season, I think, in a single day.

During a climb on a rocky mountain, we came across the bones of an animal. I don't know if it died there or if something had eaten it. But it occurred to me that I could save significant budget by 'losing" a consultant or two in the mountains before they submit their invoices.

But then I'd have nobody to drink with, so instead I took them back into the city for dinner. We drank beer and a bottle of vodka. That's something I can't do with my wife and kids, at least not yet.