Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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Cold Again


A Mongolian Bak Mandi

Mongolian nights are always cold. I've been sleeping under a blanket, with flannel sheets, all summer. Houseflies are easy targets in the morning, since they can barely move.

It's worse when there's no hot water. The cold water may as well be running from a glacier; it hurts to wash your hands. Luckily, we have an electric water heater which converts the icy stream into something warm enough to bathe in.

This is where my experience in Indonesia comes in handy. In our house in Aceh, we used a scoop to bathe. You fill a up a water basin built into the corner of the bathroom, and use a scoop to flush the toilet or wash up. This morning I filled up a bucket with warm water from the heater, and used the scoop to take a bucket bath. It brought back good memories.

When the water comes back on, it will be blood red from the rust in the pipes. But I'll be happy anyway. It will get down to freezing this week, so red water will be fine, as long as it's hot.