Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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Vegetable paradise


Tastier than mutton

Mongolia is a paradise for meat-eaters, especially for those who love the taste of mutton. But if you love fruits and vegetables, it doesn't have much to offer. You'll find some produce on display at the supermarket, mostly pricey Chinese imports.  But they are sad, wilted affairs, and probably loaded with pesticides. But you buy them anyway, always with a touch of disappointment.

So you can imagine my delight at seeing the fruits and vegetables in California, where the climate is perfect for growing them. Even in the humblest supermarket, they steal your attention with their freshness and brightness. At the farmers market they look even better. I nearly melted when a pretty girl popped a sampler strawberry in my mouth. I bought some, of course.

Because of the taste, lest anyone think me shallow.