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San Fransisco: the Ferry Building


Give me some squid

My friend Dana, who lives in the Bay Area, took me to a very cool place: the Ferry Building. I don't know the history, but right now it's a shopping area located at the ferry boat terminal. It's possible that there are still ferries operating from it, but I don't know for sure. What I do know is that there are some very excellent shops and restaurants there.

The shops are small, expensive, and full of high-quality products. I saw shops selling ceramics, meat, vegetables, chococate, and many other things. But I wasn't interested in buying things, I was interested in looking. And there's a lot to look at. What I liked the most were small mosaics of cows, fish, chickens and other produce. There was even an octopus. Anyone who delights in small details will love this place.

I'm not sure if the market for the Ferry Building is tourists or well-heeled locals, but regardless, it's a very nice place to visit, or eat, if you're in the area.

Or if you need a place to go to the bathroom.