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A Month of Going Vegan

I've been curious about a vegatarian lifestyle for a long time, mainly for my health. But more and more, I find the treatment of animals raised for food distasteful. So after I read an article about the benefits of a plant-based diet in the Huffington Post, I thought I would spend November eating like a Vegan.

My first feeble attempt to be Vegan.

Do I know what I'm doing? Not really. But that's how I live my life in general.

The biggest obstacle is my wife, a really good cook who still believes meat is critical for health. But living in an Islamic country has reigned in her Slavic enthusiasm for pork, and my kids kick up a shitstorm whenever she cooks beef (don't ask, I can't explain it). On the upside, she cooks a lot of dishes with beans and always makes salad.

This morning, when I opened the fridge, a place I rarely explore unless there's beer in it. It seemed all our breakfast food had a connection to animal products. Milk. Eggs. Butter. But I found bread, peanut butter, honey, and tomatoes. Good enough to start with.

The highlight was the tomato. I had better plan ahead for tomorrow.