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Beautiful Chaos


Is it Creation, or a college mud wrestling contest?

Although I don't have a shred of religious belief in my body, I love this sculpture of the Creation. You can find it above the main entrance of the National Cathedral in Washington. It shows humans being formed out of chaos. Amazingly, all of them are good-looking. If you look closely, you will see babes there. Studs too, if you're interested.

Besides the beauty of the artwork, I like the fact that it isn't in line with Genesis. The Creation here doesn't depict the formation of a single man, as the Bible describes. It depicts many men and women being created all at once.

I suppose it would be less dramatic, and less interesting, to show the creation of the first single-celled organisms. This depiction of human creation is much more fun to visualize.

The Cathedral has many more delights. If you visit, and look closely, you will see many tiny, almost secret delights hidden in quiet spaces. For example, there's a mouse on one place, a tiny whale in another. Definitely worth a visit, even if you're a heathen.