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200 Subscribers! Whoa!


Today I reached 200 subscribers, after one year and ten months of blogging. The number feels good but doesn't mean too much: according to Google Analytics, almost none of my traffic comes from Posterous.  Google tells me I get over 1,300 visits a month, which isn't too shabby for a personal blog. Most traffic comes from Google; Facebook comes in at a distant second.

Recently, my new Posterous subscribers have been purely commercial, people advertising their products or services by subscribing to others to attract attention to their businesses. Others are people who supposedly follow thousands of other bloggers. It's obvious that they "subscribe" to you in hopes that you subscribe back. There's no way you can really follow hundreds of blogs. Many of the "top" Posterous bloggers fall into this category. Disapointing.

I subscribe to very few people. But I read everything they post. I just don't have time to properly follow more than 20 other bloggers. I do, from time to time, search for new, intersting bloggers to follow, and drop people who are not active.

So for those of you out of 200 who actually read my blog, thank you.