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Spicy Indonesian Food in Mongolia!


Enak sekali, terima kasih, ya!

My colleagues in Jakarta sent me an emergency care package: rendang (a spicy curry-like dish with meat), unshelled peanuts, and plantain chips with Italian pizza flavoring. I had it for breakfast this morning. It was amazing!

The package came with a Jakarta colleague who is looking into mobile banking here in Mongolia. The package travelled for two days, so at first I was wary of eating it. But once I got a whiff of the rendang, there was no turning back. I reckoned that the spices created an unfreindly environment for bacteria, and that for a lot of the time the package was in the chilly luggage compartment of the plane.

So this morning I totally blasted it in the microwave to kill anything nasty. It was delicious. So far, I have had no stomach problems.

Many thanks to Rini and Hans for the package, and to Janine for carrying it all the way here!