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How Caf?? Nayra is Helping to Bring Corporate Governance to Mongolia


A real business incubator

There's a fantastic little café in Ulaanbaatarwith orange walls and nice paintings, just down the street from my wife'sfavorite art supply shop. Café Nayra also has good food, especially forbreakfast. But best of all, it's proved to be an excellent alternate office.Right now our office is really cramped: we only have 32 square meters for five people.  Creative space solutionsare really important if we're to get anything done.

Today I tested out Nayra. My colleague Sergei, a Ukrainian CorporateGovernance expert, came up from Beijing (where he is based) to design anew Corporate Governance project for Mongolia. After our meetings we set up camp inNayra and developed the first broad brush strokes of the project. It was a success: ideas flowed and we have a clear vision of what we want to do.

By offering us a good working environment,Café Nayra could end up having a major impact on Mongolia's private sector.Maybe it's not such a bad thing to have a shoebox-sized office after all.