Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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Obsessed with the weather


It's like Narnia

Today is the first day of spring. Birds are supposed to be singing, and tender shoots should be popping out of the ground. But it's -10C today. There is still a lot of snow on the ground. This afternoon, I watched flurries blowing horizontally past my office window when I should have been working. Something isn't right.

I admit it. I have become obsessed with the weather, in the same way that some people can't stop Facebooking or checking their Blackberries or watching CNN. The focus of my obsession is a little icon on my desktop that shows the current temperature in Ulaanbaatar. Each shift of a degree takes on great importance. My colleagues can tell what is happening outside by the look on my face.

Because today is the equinox, I decided to walk to the office. It's a good half hour. It was sunny in the morning, and the mountains looked pretty in white. It may be spring, technically, but in my view it's still winter when you're walking on ice.

When is it going to end?