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Rastafarians in space

I once read a science-fiction book that described a colony of Rastafarians living on a space station. It was cobbled together with space junk: pieces from old ships, cargo containers, and anything else that would hold together in a vacuum . What I liked best was the computer-generated dub music playing throughout the station, 24/7. 


I thought about this book in the gym today, while listening to a Black Uhuru song that would be perfectly suited to a Rastafarian space station. But I couldn't remember what the book was or who wrote it. I don't even remember the plot. All I remember is the station and the non-stop dub.

I think I would like to spend some time in a place like that.  Especially because of the music, and because I would love to see what dreadlocks look like in zero-gravity conditions.

I doubt I will ever see free-floating dreadlocks. But because of my fabulous internet connection, I can replicate the dub-generating computer here in Mongolia. I found an internet radio station called Tuko Hi-Fi  on which just plays reggae and dub all the time, except for brief comments in French.

I have it playing softly in the background on my laptop now. Now, what was the name of that book?