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Only Ukrainians Have Died for Europe

Europe doesn't care

Joining the European Union is something that many countries strive for. But none of its members ever fought and shed blood to do so. Compare that to Ukraine, which overthrew a kleptocratic dictator and is now at war at Russia because it wanted the EU Association Agreement. About 100 Ukrainian protesters were killed for European ideals by their own government.

Now, thousands of Ukrainians are being killed by Russian forces and their separatist allies to punish them for trying to become democratic, European and free.

European countries should be ashamed for their lack of support for Ukraine in her time of need. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Cyprus are the worst offenders. Today, they said they do not support any more sanctions, in spite of crystal-clear evidence that Russia has invaded Ukraine. France also deserves to be shamed for selling warships to Russia that could only be used against Ukraine.

Those countries that suffered from Russian invasions themselves – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary – have disgraced themselves beyond words. I will never visit those countries again, or buy their products. 

I think Kyiv can do much more than it has so far. But it is such a disappointment to see Ukrainian boys being killed by Russian soldiers because it wants to be European, and then have Prague, Budapest and Bratislava say it doesn't matter.

They disgust me.