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The Russians Are Coming

Вертолеты летели со стороны Евпатории в сторону Севастополя

It looks like Russia is going to mess with Crimea. Putin must be pissed off that Ukraine took so much attention from the Winter Olympics, and that social media mocked his efforts. The Olympics were supposed to bring prestige to Russia, but instead the media focused on the corruption involved in Olympic construciton, the sorry state of accomodation in Sochi, and Putin's failed investment in Yanukovich.

Putin has been humiliated many times over, and rightly so. But now he's taking his revenge.

Worrying as this is, I hope Crimea does not distract the authorities from tracking down and arresting fugitive ex-leaders, snipers and Berkut. Kyiv needs to take action against those who attacked and killed civilians. Being tough on this will send another signal that Russia's behavior in Crimea will not go unnoticed or be forgotten.

But the failure to act worries me.