Many Are Cold, but Few Are Frozen

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Twitter’s E-Zombies Ate My Blog

I guess this means goodbye

I knew they would do it. Twitter, I mean. They’ve turned out to be a bunch of  e-zombies who sucked the brains behind Posterous dry and left it to die. Twitter bought Posterous about a year ago. It was clear that they wanted its people, and the easiest way to get them was to buy the whole company. I could tell something was wrong when Posterous stopped updating its blog.

The timing works for me, though. My blog lost its momentum after I left Mongolia. I could not manage to keep it up in Ukraine, and did no better in Indonesia. I had already 

decided to restore its original name, “Out of Mongolia: Many are Cold, but Few are Frozen” and leave it frozen, much like the country it was born in. But Twitter beat me to it.

I’ve imported the blog to a new location: I’ll pretty it up a bit, get rid of post-Mongolia posts, and link it to a new platform as an archive. My descendents will read it and hail me as their first internet-aware ancestor.

Goodbye Posterous. It was fun while it lasted.