This is David Lawrence's webpage. Cut him some slack; he's just learning how to build websites.

My work has varied from place to place, but the common thread is private sector development. The core idea is simple: building a healthy private sector is an essential ingredient for development. It's not the only ingredient, but without it, anything else you do just won't work.

In general, my work falls into two categories—program management and writing. Since 2002, all my positions have been a combination of the two.

I still do some program work, but mostly I write Web content, blog posts, success stories and material for publications. I take writing classes to sharpen my skills, and have been teaching myself how to use social media. Most of my work is related to private sector development, public-private partnerships, and post-disaster reconstruction.

You can find my work in the <a href="http://urbantimes.co/author/david-lawrence/">Urban Times</a>, the World Bank's <a href="https://blogs.worldbank.org/psd/team/david-lawrence">Private Sector Development Blog</a>, and the <a href="http://blogs.worldbank.org/eastasiapacific/team/dave-lawrence">East Asia Pacific Blog</a>. I also wrote the text to a <a title="The Power of Partnerships: The Multi Donor Fund in Post-Disaster Aceh and Nias" href="http://issuu.com/worldbank.indonesia/docs/mdf_book_english" target="_blank">photo book</a> about post-disaster reconstruction in Aceh and Nias for the World Bank.</div>


Program management

Since 1996, I've managed private sector development programs in Asia and the former Soviet Union, mainly for the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. I have plenty of experience managing country offices and overseeing projects, usually in difficult environments. I'm not always good at managing up, but I do a great job where it counts—motivating and supporting the people who do the actual work on the ground.

Writing and editing

Much as I enjoy projects, writing has become an increasingly important part of my work. It started with our advisory program in the former Soviet Union, which involved writing proposals, reports, board papers and communications materials. Then I became a part of IFC's first efforts to network its staff around the world, which gave me experience writing for online audiences. I moved on to blogging, success stories, staff profiles, lessons of experience, and more. Since 2010, vitually all my income has come from writing and editing.

Current assignments

Most of my work now is with the Multi-Donor Fund for Aceh & Nias, a $650 million reconstruction fund which is winding down after nearly seven years of successful work following the Tsunami. That work also includes the Java Reconstruction Fund.

I'm also writing for IFC's Public Private Partnership department and the World Bank Group SmartLessons program, which shares operational lessons of experience. I top it all off by contributing regularly to the World Bank's East Asia & Pacific and Private Sector Development blogs.

Since this work is keeping me busy full-time, I can't take on anything new until March 2012, except for short writing assignments. But I'm always interested in trying new things. If you want more information about my experience, check my LinkedIn profile: